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I Spy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

I almost forgot about Earth Day, and haven't prepared an activity for Mateo. So I quickly browsed Pinterest and decided to do I spy games. I would have wanted more meaningful activities than just printing, but this is good enough for now.

Mateo Plays ☆ I Spy Earth Day

Until only recently, I was not keen to do I spy worksheets with the little kid. Then I read about visual motor skills, one area of which is visual processing. While I'm not sure if an I spy worksheet game actually counts as a visual processing activity, I consider it good enough.

Aside from visual processing (presumably, and for whatever that means), we practice counting and writing with the worksheets. It is an easy to prepare, no fuss preschool lesson presented as a fun activity.

Mateo Plays ☆ I Spy Earth Day
You can barely see what he has written. He's confident to write only the numbers 1, 3, 7, and 0.

I got our free Earth Day printables from the following:

Mateo Plays ☆ I Spy Earth Day
"Easter egg hunt is the best, but printing is the bestest." -Mateo, who fell in love with printing the first time he saw it done. He also loves worksheets, both printed at home and bought from the store.

Plan for the week, 8 Aug 2018

Current interests:

  • Dinosaurs
  • Water play and bubbles
  • Cutting with scissors
  • Play dough and sensory play

 Play ideas with preparation needed:

1. Homemade play dough

2. Silly Putty

3. Dinosaur Ice Activity

Needed to buy:
- mini dinosaurs

4. Threading straw

No prep (already prepared) activities:

  • Puzzles
  • Catapult
  • Bubbles
  • Scissor and papers

Daily note: 26 June 2018

Planned activities for the day:

  • Nothing planned

Highlights of the day:

Balloon car

We continued playing with the balloon powered Lego car. Both of us already got the hang of doing it. We got a good teamwork to do it -- I hold the balloon in place while Mateo secures it to the car.

I was supposed to take a video of the car in motion but the balloon popped. No more balloons for us.


Mateo loves to sing. He also loves to dance, by the way.


He saw our humble gardening tools. He wants to plant and use those tools.

I said we do not have plants. He said Auntie, our neighbor, got plants. So I said we're going to buy our own plants. But it's raining, so shopping postponed.

He was ready to go out. I was not.

Scribbles and scissors

More scribbles. And more cutting with scissors. (He's in his diaper because we were supposed to go out, but he was not cleaning up his toys or even wear his clothes, so we are staying at home.)

Road tape

I made a "road" using tape, created straight, zigzag, and curved lines.


He likes doing the puzzle, but cannot complete it yet on his own.

Ideas for next lessons:

  • Keep the toys in order, have ideas and activities ready, and let the kid lead the play.

Daily Note: 25 June 2018

Planned activities for the day:

  • Watercolor pencil activity
  • Paper helicopters

Highlights of the day:

The "phone" whining made me very grumpy and cranky

Before 6:00 in the morning, which is like 5:00 A.M. in the Philippines, Mateo was asking for a phone in a very whiny voice while still on the bed. Then he asked for butter cookies.

Then at a more normal time in the morning, he was again looking for "his" phone or was trying to get my phone from me. In a very whiny voice. I hated it.

Then he did not take a nap after telling me that he was going to sleep.

And he peed in his shorts two or three times.

Triggered. I was very grumpy and cranky. I was so mad that I wanted to throw my phone very hard (but not mad enough to do it).

Phone use/gadget use is much of a nuisance for me. I hate how Mateo behaves when he spends time using it.

So, no cellphone from Mommy anymore, even timed phone sessions.


He enjoyed the playground. He was hesitant to climb up the ropes at first. But I was told that he was gaining confidence as time went on until he finally did it. Because of his playground play, he fell asleep by 8:00 P.M.

Balloon Lego car

We experimented how to make that balloon car work. Of course, I was the one who actually tinkered with the car to make it work. He enjoyed blowing the balloon up both by using the manual air pump and by manually blowing into it with his mouth (and saliva).

Colored markers

When he saw the colored markers we bought from Daiso, he took it and asked for papers. We discussed about straight lines, wavy lines, zigzag, and curved lines. He scribbled, drew circles, and finally was confident enough to draw or write even random lines on the papers. I had the hypothesis that he was a bit of a perfectionist when drawing -- that he did not want to draw just any line, but wanted to draw things or shapes clearly, and because of this he always just watches me write and draw. Finally, he did it.

All by himself. Scribbles only, but I'm happy that he did it.

We also discussed short and long lines. I also asked him to trace a line. And when he asked me to draw Peppa Pig, that's what he got. He said that's not Peppa Pig, so I asked him to name it, and he said it's Mateo.

Watercolor pencils

Not much fun activity. He just wanted to "paint" with the water, and did not want to draw using the pencils.

Paper helicopters

I just leave the paper helicopters on the table. Seems like he enjoys throwing them.

Others in pictures

He asked me to take a photo

Photo by Mateo

Ideas for next lessons:

  • More artworks
  • Rocket balloon (using straw)
  • Straw and pompom balls and other things

Daily Note: 19 July 2018

Planned activities for the day:

  • Activities from yesterday

Highlights of the day:

Plays independently

- Bugged me to get out of bed to play with his play dough
- He mostly played by himself
- Perhaps having the toys and activities laid out nicely on the table is good for both of us
- When I was preparing lunch, he looked through the kitchen cabinet and declared that he wanted to cook
- Played "pouring" of liquids between two cups (water in one, and milk in the other -- then of course, he did not want to drink it); made a mess, by the way

Photo by Mateo

Life skills

- Had the chance to wear his slippers twice today -- and he wore them correctly both times: As he was about to wear the left pair to his right foot (or vice versa), he stopped himself and put on the correct one instead

Ideas for next lessons:

  • Continue with having activities prepared and presented nicely
  • DIY easel before I buy one
  • More "station", or transportation activities (he requested it, but we do it outside)
  • Go out tomorrow, as promised

More reflections:

It just dawned on me that Mateo was the one to say "'station" when I asked him what we're going to do next time. This after his daddy asked him what we did today. He realized that our activities were mostly transportation-related! Maybe it's not a big thing, but I'm just amazed that he noticed it.

Daily Note: 18 July 2018

Planned activities for the day:

  • Cars and "Mateo" letter road tracing
  • Vehicle arts craft (cut and paste)
  • Origami (boat and airplane)
  • Paper helicopter

Highlights of the day:

Letter road tracing

- Mateo got excited when he saw the cars and road letters, and played with it immediately

Boat origami and paper helicopter

- Also got excited upon seeing the paper helicopters (have played with this before so he knows what to do with it)
- I encouraged him to color the paper helicopters, but he got me to color it instead
- He's still not confident (or just lazy?) to do art on his own
- When he saw the sheets of magazine papers, he knew what he wanted to do right away: he asked me to make a boat
- He then asked to put it in water; and I made numerous boats afterwards
- He knows that a boat is a "water transportation" -- probably learned it in YouTube
- He was not delighted when I made a paper airplane on my own initiative; the airplane made its way to the basin of water

Photo by Mateo

Vehicle paper crafts

- He cut the print outs when he saw it
- Then he asked me to cut it out (probably when he couldn't cut it the way he wants)
- He simply glued the cut outs to another piece of paper randomly -- it was supposed to be a paper craft of vehicle, but I decided to just let him do his thing

Play dough

- It's play dough time again - he can now say it right
- Introduced to him the concept of "long, longer, longer" as well as the "short" ones
- He still hasn't grasped the concept to describe length

The happy faces lined up

Lego, building blocks, and fine motor skills

- He made a small tower from the bigger blocks with a rotating piece at the top, and he was proud to show it to me
- Other fine motor plays: car Lego, mini cupcake silicone liner "bubbles"
- Not much rough play today, thankfully; but he did not take a nap

These are the silicone mini cupcake liners, which he calls "bubbles." We "pop" them inward and outward.

Ideas for next lessons:

- Preparing activities beforehand is a good idea; gave me extra minutes to myself
- Encourage open ended art activities
- Prepare an art corner
- He liked the transportation theme (because he generally likes vehicles); so more to "themed" activities that cater to his interests

Daily Note: 16 June 2018

Planned activities for the day:

  • Free day

Highlights of the day:


- Went to Daiso to buy activity materials
- Mateo knows what he wants, and pulled me straight to the cashier when he got what he wanted
- In the playground, I had to entice him to leave by saying we're going to the bookstore
- He ended up buying a puzzle in the bookstore
- He took a nap with the puzzle beside him
- He also knew that Miniso carries toys, and pulled me inside the shop to look around

Here, he's choosing between the two sets of washable markers. He wanted both.

Dragging me inside Miniso

Wala raw sound (or battery?). Next time daw meron na.


- He played immediately with his new puzzles right upon waking up (4 sets of puzzles of differing levels of difficulty)
- He can do the 3x3 puzzle by himself the second time he did it
- Still finds it difficult to complete the 4x3 and up puzzles without guidance
- After (almost) two rounds of trying to complete the puzzles, he played with it in his own way

When you can't complete the puzzle, play in another way

Ideas for next lessons:

  • Prepare selected activity materials before Mateo sees all of them (because then it will be an even more mess)